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Product Detail
Car Mount Photography Rig 
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Payload: 15KG
  • 3 Second/ Meter
  • 6 Second/ Meter


There are two speed of the car rig , they are 3 second/meter and 6 second/meter , the difference lie in the motor.

  1.3 m photography track ( Can be customs-made) , maximum running speed 0.5M/s, load bearing 15KG, with shock absorber arm and shock absorber, Ronin 2 adapter plate, 8 pairs of fixed car suction cup, handheld remote control, lifting module, Ronin control module ( according to customer needs)

Since the development of vehicle-mounted shooting equipment, it was initially just an industrial suction cup plus a spherical head. Nowadays, a variety of professional vehicle-mounted shooting

equipment emerge in an endless stream. Photographers who shoot regular car scenes can easily choose the in-vehicle equipment that they are satisfied with. And the shooting equipment for some cool

and unique car scenes is often expensive, huge, difficult and cumbersome to install, adding a lot of cost to the crew. Therefore, ASXMOV has developed a vehicle-mounted track shock absorption

shooting system, hoping to solve some car scene shooting problems for its peers.



Remote Control (wired/wireless optional)

   The controller of this system is a six-axis controller, which can directly control the Ronin 2, Ronin S, Ronin RS2 and the original gimbal, and control the follow focus and zoom of the camera at

the same time (ASXMOV follow focus motor is required). Of course, you can also directly use the original remote control such as DJI to control the gimbal of the gimbal.


Shock Arm

   The shock-absorbing principle of the shock-absorbing arm is the same as that of the Steadicam. The parallel shock-absorbing arm and the tension spring are used as the main shock-absorbing unit.

The tension can be adjusted according to the weight of the gimbal and the camera. The position can also be adjusted independently according to the weight of the gimbal of the gimbal and the camera

to solve the vibration problem of the body bumping up and down.


Suction cup support stand

    The large suction cup has a stronger adsorption force and is not afraid of the curved surface of the car body. The suction cup is equipped with a large load-bearing universal ball head, which

makes the installation angle more comfortable and convenient.

    There are two sets of double suction cup long legs on the upper part of the track, which are designed to be installed with 8 feet. So that the track will not shake in the front, back, left and

right directions.

    There is a set of double suction cup short legs at the bottom of the track to give the track an upward support force, coupled with the double suction cup fixation of the bottom crossbar, the

entire track is firmly fixed on the car, and the multi-point suction support is used to effectively solve the installation and fixation of the track problem, and at the same time protect the body

from damage.


About the installation position of the rail

    According to experience, it is best to install the track on the front left, front right, rear left, and rear right of the front of the car. The shooting angle of this position can reach 270

degrees, and the range is the largest. Of course, if you need to shoot special pictures, you can also install it in more Location.


CNC lifting high load track

    The track is driven by a super-torque servo motor, powered by a 16.8V universal V-mount battery, and the lifting thrust can reach 40KG. After the shock arm lever is extended, the load is within

20KG of the gimbal + camera, which is easy to control.

    There are two types of rail ascending speed: 3 seconds per meter and 6 seconds per meter, which can be adapted to different power servo motors according to user needs.

    The standard length of the track is 1.3 meters, which can be customized according to user needs.


Shock-absorbing head

   The top of the gimbal adopts multi-circle steel wire shock absorption as the left and right front and rear secondary buffer shock absorption, which effectively solves the problem of screen

micro-shock caused by high-frequency vibration.




Product standard list:

1. 1.5m track x 1

2. Shock Arm X 1

3. Remote control X 1

4. Two-meter telescopic double-foot suction cup tripod X 2

5. 60cm telescopic double foot suction cup tripod X 1

6. 1 meter adjustable support bar X 1

7. 15KG load-bearing gimbal X 1

8. Remote control X 1

9. Control wire X 2

10. Ronin RS2 Power Base X 1

11. Vacuum suction cup X 8



 Work Time
Mon to Fri :8:30-17:30
Sat to Sun :9:00-17:00