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This year ASXMOV also as scheduled leaped over the Pacifi...

Mirrorlesscamera has become one of the main tools for pro...

2017荷兰广播电视展(IBC)于2017-09-14在荷兰 阿姆斯特丹拉开帷幕,展会持续五天时间。作为欧洲最大的...

美国拉斯维加斯国 际广播电视展览会(NAB SHOW)是全北美唯一的广播电视技术及设备行业贸易展览及会议,是全球电...

Steadicam of ASXMOV slider

Take a look at the video first.In a fixed scene, showing ...

Listen to the pulse of the industry and the creators' hearts.

ASXMOV review of BIRTV 2016, shows 4 of our products.

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