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Product info

ProductASXMOV Grip reacherGuarantee1 year
BranchASXMOVWeight1.85kg(not include balance weight)
MaterialCarbon fiber and Alum alloy


StructureModulization and open designedUse rangeNormal market tracks will fittedand any camera less than 3.5KG

980.00(No ball head

1080.00(include ball head)

Normal two tripods tracks switch over highand low position will need a long time to adjust. ASXMOV grip reacher switchover high and low position shooting easily, it will bring more shooting anglesto the track shooting either.

Compatible with any slider and tripod with3/8 and 1/4 mount.

It is light and portable. Grip reacher hasa weight of 1.85KG, can carry a 3.0KG payload.

Fast installation: as a flexible equipment,installation of grip reacher have to be easy, it designed tool-freeinstallation, so users can install it and use it quick.

1. Fast high and low position switch


2. Wide compatibility

Grip reacher has 3/8 adaptor, most camerasand tracks on the market can mount on it.

3, Multi angles adjustments:

1.      Movable support, adjust thebalance of weight according to the camera that the head carried.

2.      Base of the support isadjustable 45degrees.

3.      Base of the head is adjustable45degree.

4. Light and portable

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