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 High speed photography is making extremeslow motion in order to display the snap action that eye cannot see, formsunique artistic effects; normally, high-speed footage made by non-moving lens,in hand shooting, or large assistant device; ASXMOV focus in productinnovation, and raise slide speed 6times higher than the product high-speednumerical control multi axle time-lapse tracks; after countless improvement andoptimization, slider can run in a 1M/sec high-speed still keep the camerapicture smooth, stable; light, portable, fast installation, easy and simple tohandle even without a specialist; Load on a high speed camera, take photosthrough multi axle sync motion head and high-speed motion slider way, willcertainly better than non- moving shooting or in hand shooting way; accordingto your need, set up the orbit and combine the speed that you want, will showamazing visual impact, trigger the creative passion of yours.





       Upgrade to GT version: add-onhigh speed driver component, no changing functions of the models, speed upgrade to 1sec/1M.

Controller: High sensitive and precise control touch screen.Controllersize 212mm×115mm×33mm≈0.8KG

Track and Head:

Standard length:1.3M(Customize length from 1M-3.5M)

Functions:Path repeat, Time-lapse, High speed motion, Pan-shot, Animation, Follow focus, image captures.

24Vbatterysize 160mm×90mm×60mm≈0.9KG

Consumption2.0A~5.0A(24V DC)

Signal transfer: wired/wireless (o


Voltage14.4V~24.0VPayload: 30KG horizontal payload without 2ways head, 2ways head could carry any camera less than 4.5KG, even at a 70 degree incline.

Speed:Max 1M/1sec, Min:1M/60Days

Working time10000MAHlithery battery   single axle continuous works 8hours




 Work Time
Mon to Fri :8:30-17:30
Sat to Sun :9:00-17:00