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June 1 2022
Enjoy the breeze of summer.
April 28 2022
ASXMOV Road Test New Car Rig
2018 BeiJing Strawberry Music Festival
ASXMOV-G7 7 axis column slider. can preset motion photography trajectory, stage performance, Real-time remote control shooting, automatic shooting, time-lapse shooting, etc.
NAB Show | April 7 - 12 2018
This year ASXMOV also as scheduled leaped over the Pacific Ocean to the other side of the ocean attended the annual NAB exhibition in Las Vegas ,USA .
March 24, 2018
Lebanon director of photography  use ASXMOV-G6
2018 the fourth China Film Festival Guangxi Spring Festival Gala@ASXMOV
Director Pan @ASXMOV-Scorpion   Girp in the advertisement
ASXMOV-Scorpion girp on the set  @NanNing film and television team
@ASXMOV-Scorpion grip user
2017 Shanghai cable shadow Club offline activities @ASXMOV-G6 welcome all directors, photographers, dealers come to exchange experience ASXMOV-G6 "digital black technology product identification confe
@ASXMOV 2017 Holland radio and TV show (IBC) opened on 2017 in Amsterdam, Holland, and the exhibition lasted for five days in -09-14.
August, 26, 2017
BIRTV finished the last day, hurried to Tongzhou Beijing second, efficient completion of a batch of ASXMOV-G4 delivery work and fixed animation track installation training;
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